About Poznań


Poznań is the 5th largest city in Poland, a mixture of its rich history and modern solutions. The World Bank recognized Poznań in 2015 to be the best Polish city in terms of an ease of starting a new business. International trade plays a vital role for local economy, since Poznań for over 100 years has hosted the biggest trade fair events organized by Poznań International Fair – the largest organizer of fairs in Central-Eastern Europe. Every year the city receives more than 11,000 exhibitors from 70 countries.


Poznań is a regular host to international festivals, such as: the International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition, Malta International Theatre Festival, Multigenre Fan Convention Pyrkon, Modern Art Festival – Mediations Biennale, Ethno Port (deemed to be one of the 25 best world music festivals in the world) or the International Ice Sculpture Festival. The city is also a seat of Concordia Design – the first design and creativity centre for business in Poland. Here is located as well the Shopping, Arts and Business Center „Stary Browar” (Eng. Old Brewery) – The Best Shopping Center in the World in the medium-sized commercial buildings category.


A visit to Poznań can be a pretext to discover a place inextricably linked to the very beginnings of Polish statehood. It was here that Duke Mieszko the First had chosen for his borough; it was also probably where he was baptised in 966, joining the ranks of medieval European rulers. This event is thought to have been the beginning of Polish statehood. Other must-see attractions are Stary Rynek (Eng. The Old Market Square) with its magnificent Renaissance Town Hall, Lake Malta (one of Europe’s best and most picturesque professional regatta courses) and the youngest castle in Europe – former Imperial Castle.


Undoubtedly gourmands will pamper their palate in Poznań, too. The restaurant, bar and cafe offer is exceedingly rich, there are some 800 places that cater to the general public. They serve a range of dishes of oriental, typical national European as well as vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Traditional Polish dishes are also available. Furthermore, there are tens of restaurants in the city recommended by prestigious culinary Gault&Millau Poland Yellow Guide. Enjoy!

POZNAŃ & WINTER (photo by Karolina Kiraga)