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International Business in a Transforming World – the Changing Role of States and Firms

The variety, diversity and magnitude of trends that shape the international relations of firms and governments in the era of globalization are tremendous. Many of these processes substantially redefine the context for international activities of multinational enterprises (MNEs), small and medium enterprises (SMEs) or born globals. These forces affect the position of states, their governments and firms. New tendencies have been observed in the past few years, such as the recent (post)crisis rise of populism, growing anti-European sentiment among the member states of the European Union, increasing protectionism, and the growth slowdown of emerging markets, adversely affecting the global economy.

These tendencies have been accompanied by the emergence of new players (including those from post-transition countries), the unprecedented acceleration of international commerce and communication owing to falling barriers and technological advancements, and the continuing trends of outsourcing and deep restructuring of corporate governance structures, as well as progressing international investments, trade agreements and partnerships. Collectively and individually, these processes continue to reshape the future of international business and their consequences will undoubtedly resonate for many decades. As well as fundamentally redesigning the global landscape they also raise questions regarding the new balance between sovereign states and markets.

The 44th EIBA Annual Conference in Poznan 13th-15th December 2018 will explore the new challenges faced by international business, particularly the threats and opportunities arising for MNEs, SMEs, INVs and global start-ups. Special attention will be paid to the changing economic and political context worldwide.

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