Guidelines EIBA Sessions



Competitive Paper 

Presentations are mostly held in sessions with three papers each. This provides every author with the opportunity to have a 20-minute presentation and 10-minute discussion about their paper. It is up to the session chairs to decide if the discussion is supposed to take place directly after each presentation or jointly at the end of the session.

Please bring your presentation as a PowerPoint file to your session. Include a reasonable number of slides (roughly 10 slides). Readability and clear slide layout encourage active engagement.


Interactive Paper

Presentations are held in larger sessions of four to five papers. The goal of these sessions is to encourage active discussion and development of early-stage work. Therefore, authors should limit their presentation to roughly 7 minutes and leave room for an equally long discussion.

Authors do not have to prepare a PowerPoint presentation but instead should bring with them a set of 10 copies of printed hand-outs (two A4 pages) which provide an overview of the paper. This hand-out should be easy to grasp and should not require a lot of reading to distract from the actual presentation.



The main responsibilities of session chairs include introducing the presenters, making sure that all presenters are given equal floor time, and moderating any discussion. Questions addressed to particular authors may be formulated after each presentation of after all presentations in the session.